Al Haddad Motors Certified Pre-Owned Trucks

Sometimes second-hand can be first choice

When they take delivery of a Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned Truck, our customers are guaranteed a vehicle that has been thoroughly checked, while they are also able to benefit from the many advantages that come with buying from Mercedes-Benz.

The right partner for every task - buying a Certified Pre-Owned Truck from our specialist MENA dealers comes with a wide choice of optional attractive offers, including comprehensive testing by our highly trained technicians and services such as Service Contracts and GenuineParts.

The quality of a Mercedes-Benz is unsurpassed. This is a claim that extends not only to the brand’s new vehicles, but which has just as much validity for Certified Pre-Owned Trucks.

Certifed Pre-Owned Truck qualifying Criteria

Under 5 years old Trucks that are maximum 5 years old.
Under 500,000km Mileage of a truck that has special benefits like inspection and service shouldn't exceed 500,000 Km
Multi-Point Checks Multi-point inspection and check up is conducted in Al Haddad - MB Workshops
High Standard Applying Mercedes Benz high standards in all Pre Owned Trucks business process gives us the lead
MVPI/ Renewed License All our Pre Owned Trucks have a valid MVPI certificate
6-12 Month Powertrain Warranty All our Pre-Owned trucks have our “Best Service” programme and we can provide 6 to 12 months Warranty on Power Terrain (Engine, Gearbox, Rear Axle) for some of our trucks.

Repair & Maintenance

For peace of mind over your running costs, why not take out one of our Repair & Maintenance Contracts, which are available on our Certified Pre-Owned trucks which include Aftersales Support from our General Distributors.

Speak to your Local General Distributor to find out more.